Week One - Introduction

The weekly digital sessions will consist of lectures, workshops, and exercises focused on architectural representation. The lecture each week will introduce a topic that will later be explored in smaller group workshops in the second half of the session, and followed up with a weekly assignment testing understanding of the material. The workshops and problem-sets offered by this topic will introduce foundational techniques in technical drawing and architectural representation.
Week One

Week Two - Diagramming

This workshop will focus on diagraming using Rhino2d and Illustrator. An introduction to architectural diagraming using Rhino2d for drawing generation, and exporting to Illustrator for drawing refinement and formatting.
Week Two

Week Three - Drafting

This workshop will focus on 2d architectural drafting, orthographic and representational standards and drawing organization. Working from existing drawings, we will recreate the same drawing in Rhino2d, emphasizing different drawing standards (stairs, ramps, etc) and proper lineweights.
Week Three

Week Four - Wall Sections

This workshop will focus on creating section drawings in Rhino2D. Through a sampling of section drawing examples and convention models, students will better understand how to create and refine a wall section drawing using Rhino and Illustrator.
Week Four

Week Five - Rendering: Elevation

This workshop will focus on basic rendering techniques in Vray. Through a series of examples, students will start to understand different styles of rendering. This will be followed by an introduction to exterior rendering with an emphasis on materials, and texture mapping to an accurate scale.
Week Five

Week Six - Precision Modeling

This workshop will focus on the best practices in 3d modeling. An introduction to NURBS surface modeling in Rhino with emphasis on precision modeling in 3d space. This will be followed by an overview of modeling using 2d drawings, such as plans / sections or jigs.
Week Six

Week Seven - Drafting from 3d Models

This workshop will focus on producing 2D orthographic drawings from a 3 dimensional model. Students will learn the correct process for cutting a 3D model and the process to produce accurate, clean plan and section drawings from the 2D output.
Week Seven

Week Eight - Axonometric Drawings

This workshop will focus on using digital models to create 3d drawings such as axonometric, isometric, perspective drawings. Camera orientation, drawing clean-up and attributing proper lineweights will be covered. The later part of lecture will cover some stylistic effects using simple rendering tools and Illustrator options for creating elegant diagrams and presentations.
Week Eight

Week Nine- Rendering: Exterior

This workshop will focus on rendering Rhino3D models using VRay for Rhino. The focus will be on rendering daylight scenes using the sunlight system within Vray, and being able to manipulate the various options to create the desired effect for a rendering.
Week Nine

Week Ten - Rendering: Interior

This workshop will focus on rendering interior scenes using V-Ray. This will cover a range artificial lighting types, emissive materials, producing accurate shadows, and troubleshooting blotchy images. This knowledge will assist in producing compelling interior renders and provide the foundation for producing night renders.
Week Ten

Week Eleven - Rendering: Making Materials

This session will go over the basics of the different layers that comprise a rendering material, including texture, transparency, bump and environment. We will go through how to adjust the settings of a VRay Material using the Material Editor to load existing settings, editing them, or creating new settings.
Week Eleven

Week Twelve - Rendering: Entourage

This session will go over a sampling of basic photoshop techniques for post-processing renderings from Vray. Items will include image adjustments, bringing in entourage including people, plants, water, and sky. Week Twelve

Week Thirteen - Rendering Different Styles & Board Layout

Final session! his class will emphasize the importance of STYLE, especially for final renders and presentation layout. What is more important in your presentation: life-like renders or a stylistic objective that aligns with your project? How can different effects in Photoshop add or detract from your building proposal? How can your primary design operations play a role in organizing your final boards?
Week Thirteen