Week 1

Arch 100b 2012 Spring

Course Arch 100b
Date 2012/01/20
Learning Objectives In this workshop we will introduce the general format for the digital sessions, the wiki that we will be using for course content, and an exercise creating organized drawing templates in Illustrator. After this workshop, students should have an understanding of how the class will run, be able to navigate the wiki and be able to create a consistent template for the semester in Illustrator.
  • Introduce GSIs, class sections, time and place
  • Describe class format and exercises
  • Introduce wiki
  • Lecture: Drawing templates
Uses Tool(s) Illustrator CS5

Lecture 1
A general introduction to templates and Illustrator.

Workflow 1
A walk through of setting up a template in Illustrator (has since been moved out of workflows and into a part of the Illustrator Tool ).
Exercise 1
An exercise testing understanding of Illustrator basics.