Week 4: Orthographic and Rendering Composites

Arch 100b 2013 Spring

Course Arch 100b
Date 2013/02/08
Learning Objectives A rendered section-elevation can depict spatial depth and communicate the design intent of a project in ways beyond a simple utilization of orthographic drawing techniques. Although orthographic drawing may communicate basic technical, material, and spatial qualities through the mechanisms of line and line weight alone, additional imagistic devices found in raster images can provide for a stronger representation of design intent.'
  • Create a VRay Base Image
  • Composite the AutoCAD drawings and the V-Ray Render in Illustrator
    • Using Photoshop Tools to Strengthen Design Intent
    • Bringing the Photoshop Render Back into Illustrator to finish Section-Elevation
    • Common Problems
Uses Tool(s) AutoCAD 2012 , Illustrator CS5 , Photoshop CS5

Lab Workflow

Rendered Elevations Using VRay and Photoshop

Additional Resources