Drawing from 3d Models

Arch 123 2012 Summer

Course Arch 123
Date 2012/07/09
Learning Objectives This workflow details methods for the creation of a plan or section drawing from a 3 dimensional model in Rhino and the process for cleaning up the output, deciding what information to keep / delete and what needs to be drawn to complete the understanding of the space.
  • Project 1.0 Pin - UpĀ : Final Digital Models of Case Studies
  • Project 2.0 presented
  • Workflow: Drawing from 3d Models
  • In-Class Exercise
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Illustrator CS5


Each group will present their 3d model by moving us giving us a "walking tour" of the building in Rhino. The presentation should emphasize the different spaces offered in the building, what makes the form / spaces evocative as well as their process.

Inspiration: Video tour of a digital model of the De Young modeled and rendered by students at Columbia University.


Project 2.0

The rest of the semester will be spent on the next exercise: Case-Study: ReImagined . This is an exercise in both creativity, design and most importantly: representation. How can you use both the digital model and drawings to emphasize your design ideas and concepts?

Due Next week
Digital Re-Model: Students should re-model the existing Case Study model to incorporate the new programmatic changes. Students may also want to sketch on previous plans and sections to describe the new concepts and ideas. Please also write 300 words describing the new design ideas and how the re-design encapsulates the overall concept (this may include describing the new tenants, your perspective of the current status of the world, or the most important / captivating programmatic additions).

Lecture: Extracting information from 3d Models

Workflow: Drawing from 3d Models

Exercise: Create a Section and Plan from an existing digital model

Additional Help / Links

Below are links from the first week the showcase a variety of different styles and presentation boards presenting a range of different ideas: Presidents Medals
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