Week 1 - Introduction + Rhino Workshop + Key study modeling

124b 2015 Summer

Course 124b
Date 2015/06/24
Learning Objectives During the first class we will review the course format and objectives.

In workshop we will refresh basic Rhino skills and dive into advanced 3d modeling technics. Students will be introduced to the first assignment.

    • Introduction to the course, format and objectives.
    • Class overview.
    • Group assignment: key study projects assigned.
    • Gathering the project info.
    • Individually build a 3D massing model in Rhino.
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros

Lecture: Overview 3d modeling in Rhino

  • Curves, Free-form curves
    • Polyline, Line, Curve, InterpCrv, Pan, Split, Trim, Extend, Fillet
  • Organization: Layers
    • Basic 3D Translation: Move, Copy, Rotate, Rotate 3d, Scale, Scale1D, Patch, Drape
  • Basic Modeling: Box, Cylinder, Cone, Torus
    • SelCrv, Hide / Show, Join, Explode
  • Surfaces: Traditional surfaces, Rotational Surfaces, Ruled, Double-Curved Surfaces
    • Planar Surfaces: Plane, Plane (Vertical), PlanarSrf, CutPlane,
    • Extruded Surfaces: ExtrudeCrv, ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv, ExtrudeCrvTapered, ExtrudeCrvPoint, Ribbon, Fin
    • Non-Planr Surfaces: SrfPt, EdgeSrf, Loft, Revolve, RailRevolve, Sweep1, Sweep2
  • Editing Tools:
    • Boolean Commands, ExtendSrf, FilletSrf, Connect Surfaces, BlendSrf, OffsetSrf,
  • Curve Extractions:
    • Project, Pullback, Interpolate on Surface, DupEdge, DupBorder, Extract Isocurve, Extract Point, Extract Curve, Extract Wireframe, Section, Contour


You will need to find a site plan, plans, sections and elevations. The massing model should be properly scaled, include all major features of the building as well as the surrounding site (adjacent buildings, ground, and slope). Set up a clear layer structure to manage the components of your model. You will work with this file in future assignments. You will not need details like window mullions and handrails

Case Study 1 : Phaeno Science Centre (Zaha Hadid, Wolsburg Gemany)
Case Study 2 : Yokohama International Passenger Terminal (Foreign Office Architects, Japan)
Case Study 3 : 8 Spruce Street Tower New York (Frank Gehry Architects, New York USA)
Case Study 4 : New Milan Trade Fair (Studio Fuksas, Milan Italy)
  • Each group will collect information/research on their chosen building:
  • Scan/trace plans and sections, and import them at scale into Rhino
  • Loose 3d model of the building.
Please submit the final Rhino file (.3dm) to Gdrive by next Monday at midnight.

Additional Help / Links

  • Digital Toolbox has great 2d and 3d tutorials, surveying some of the basic Rhino commands.
  • Rhino3dHelp has a step by step tutorial on creating a simple house. This can be helpful for reviewing some of the basic concepts of putting together a building via plan and section.
  • Rhino Tech Tips offers a range of video tutorials modeling advance objects from headphones to chairs.