Course Syllabus

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Course Outline

24 June Week 1 - Introduction + Rhino Workshop + Key study modeling
During the first class we will review the course format and objectives.

In workshop we will refresh basic Rhino skills and dive into advanced 3d modeling technics. Students will be introduced to the first assignment.

1 July Week 2 - NURBS. Modeling complex geometries
In this session we will look deeper into anatomy NURB surfaces and go over different approaches to surface modeling. During the workshop students will learn about different types of surfaces, cover rationalization and variation methods.

8 July Week 3 - Introduction to parametric modeling
This week, we'll be covering basic parametric workflows and modeling methods. We'll then take a look at creating Grasshopper definitions using the interface and components, moving to and from Rhino and controlling data flow.

15 July Week 4 - Parametric Modeling of building façades and structure
During the session will learn how to redefine and transform NURB surface using Grasshopper methods

22 July Week 5 - Site environmental analysis
Students will analyze their key study site using nearby environmental data and develop set of design strategies which will help to integrate architecture into surrounding climatic context using two environmental parameters for a specific period of time

29 July Week 6 - Manipulation/Transformation
We will learn how to redesign one part of your case study building envelope based on your environmental analysis.

5 August Week 7 - Output methods: Fabrication/Animation
Mastering of unrolling and sectioning

Basic animation from outputs

12 August Week 8 - Final Review
Final Review with guest critics