Week 3 - Introduction to parametric modeling

124b 2015 Summer

Course 124b
Date 2015/07/08
Learning Objectives This week, we'll be covering basic parametric workflows and modeling methods. We'll then take a look at creating Grasshopper definitions using the interface and components, moving to and from Rhino and controlling data flow.

-Parametric surface redefinition -Surface rationalization and variation lecture -Developable surface modeling technics -Façade and Structure modeling

Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros

Lecture: Advanced 3d modeling using Grasshopper

  • Advanced Modeling Tools
    • Grasshopper introduction
    • Interface overview
    • grid manipulation
    • building surfaces from points
    • panelized surface
    • offset with fillet
    • Voronoi/Delauney
    • bounding box, box morph
    • boolean operations: containment, intersections


Using your key study façade as a starting point, construct three NURB surfaces from a set of curves (use splines, arches, straight lines, sweep, loft, revolve and extrude command) Pick the one most successful/challenging/engaging surface and redefine it using Grasshopper methods covered during the workshop.Some helpful logic: UV remapping with points, redefine through various density curves, rebuild with quads, diagrid, triangulation, space frame truss, waffle lattice, etc.

Please submit both the final Rhino file and the Grasshopper definition (.3dm, Rhino5 or earlier) to dropbox by next Monday at midnight.