Week 6 – Advanced Compositing

124B 2013 Summer

Course 124B
Date 2013/07/31
Learning Objectives This session will explore the post-production tools After Effects has. We will learn to combine multiple layers of footage, animate vector drawings, and add special effects, and vector graphics to the animation.
  • After Effects Post-Processing
    • Transparency, Compositing
    • Channels
    • Special Effects
    • Rigging Vectors
  • Exercise: Rig a number of vector human scales.
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , [[Tool: After Effects|]]

Post-Processing Techniques

This week will serve as the final preparation for our last animation project. As an assignment for next week, we will expect to have a detailed storyboard of the animation, and a bongo animation ready for rendering, so we can spend the last week before the review post-processing, rendering and finessing details.

Project 2