Week 1

ARCH-2347 2014 Fall

Course ARCH-2347
Date 2014/09/15
Learning Objectives In this class, we will give an overview of the class and set up the infrastructure to begin Python scripting in decod.es
  • Welcome and Syllabus
  • Lecture
    • Slideshow - Introduction
  • Workshop
    • Getting Started Python scripting in decod.es
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Grasshopper



Setting Up

Basic Structure of Code

Object Representation and Manipulation

Representation of the common objects and operations that are the building blocks to code.

Object Types
data stored in a computer is often represented as one of several basic "types".
variables allow us to store data in a "container" for later access and manipulation.
Operations & Expressions
data can interact and be manipulated in a number of ways.

Other Topics:

  • Built-in functions, importing specialized functions
  • Basic geometry, drawing geometry
  • Leveraging parametric capabilities in Grasshopper

The workshop file can be accessed on the Class Dropbox at Workshops/ week1 .ghx


Draw three fixed points (2,10), (0,-15) and (-10,2). Write a script that takes an input point, and draws a line from the input point to the closest of the three fixed points. You will need to use a conditional statement which was not covered in class but is covered in the last box in the week1.ghx file. You will not be turning this assignment in, but completing this is validation that you are where I expect you to be by class next week.