Compositing Images into VRay Renderings

Screenshot CtL Render 1.png
In this problem set, students must use the assets given to create a composite image from a VRay rendering of Christ the Light Cathedral.
Assessment objectives
  • Ability to utilize simple VRay renderings and other assets to create more complex images.
  • Ability to alter given assets to conform to rendering constraints, such as perspective and scale.
  • Ability to utilize multiple kinds of software to complete an architectural image.
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Image has all assets, including materials and silhouettes, placed in the image and to the correct scale. Lighting and contrast has been corrected. Silhouettes cast realistic shadows. More materials or other assets can be introduced to present an even more realistic image.
Image has all assets, including materials and silhouettes, placed in the image though with some visible errors. Lighting and contrast has not been altered. Silhouettes may have some errors with shadows.
Low Pass
There has been no significant addition to the given image or assets are used incorrectly and/or out of scale.
No image.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:VRay , Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:Photoshop CS5 , Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:241968

The given rendering must be corrected in the following ways:

  • The lighting must be altered to more closely resemble the given reference image in tone and contrast.
  • Materials should be placed and scaled correctly to resemble the given reference image. Tileable images of wood and concrete have been provided. Other material representation is encouraged, though not required.
  • Silhouettes of people should be placed and scaled correctly in the image and be mostly oriented correctly in perspective. Ten (10) silhouettes are required, with three (3) specifically placed as follows: One seated in the pews; one standing near a door; and one standing in an aisle. More silhouettes are encouraged. Each silhouette should have a properly cast shadow.

A single image (PNG or JPEG preferred) must be turned in at the end of the time period with the student's name and PS4 as the file name. For example: John_Smith_PS4.jpeg.

Problem Set 4 Assets

Turn in to the Problem Set 4 Box folder