Cleaning Up a Section in Rhino + Illustrator

Screenshot Tel Aviv - Messy with Notes.png
Continuing with Rhino, students will complete the Tel Aviv Museum section in class. Questions regarding drawing Final drawing should be exported and adjusted in Illustrator.
Assessment objectives
  • Read and work from existing drawings
  • Practice using efficient and precise 2d drafting techniques
  • Export at a specific scale to Illustrator and adjust lineweight
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Final drawing is at correct scale with no messy mistakes, lineweights represent accurate hierarchy.
Final drawing is at correct scale with few mistakes (messy corners, incorrect lineweights).
Low Pass
Final drawing is at the wrong scale and numerous mistakes are still within the drawing.
The drawing lacks hierarchy and numerous drawing mistakes are still present.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:479106

Finish the Tel Aviv Museum sectional drawing by fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Use the necessary selection tools to place the linework into organized layers
  • Clean the drawing using different editing tools to ensure precise linework (no messy corners or overlapping lines)
  • Export the drawing to Illustrator at 1' = 1/16" and place on a 24"x36" landscape page
  • Adjust lineweights and fills as necessary
  • Add poche (section fill) to the section lines and the cut through the ground plane.

Refer to the following reference image for clarification on lineweights and detail. For more information on the Tel Aviv Museum by Preston Scott Cohen, feel free to peruse the project details on their website . Tel Aviv Museum - Preston Scott Cohen - Section.jpg


Tel Aviv Museum