124b su14 Project

Screenshot Court roof.jpg
Students will explore the capacities of parametric design space exploration as a design tool through investigations into a case study building. Working in groups of 3-4, students will each produce a series of design modifications tied to an ongoing grasshopper model, to be used by other members of the group.
Assessment objectives
  • The Ability to model with precision and detail
  • The Ability to use parametric 3d modeling techniques in order to achieve a specific formal result
  • The Ability to create a clear and well organised grasshopper cluster and rhino file that can be used by multiple group members
Exercise Type Project
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Digital model is well crafted and clear, with layers exhibiting clear hierarchy and organization. Working Grasshopper definition is well structured and easy to understand.
Low Pass
Digital model incorporates sufficient detail with some obvious mistakes. Rhino file contains somewhat organized layers. Grasshopper file is is hard to understand, but works.
The digital model lacks attention to detail. Rhino file has unorganized layers. Grasshopper file is broken.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:Grasshopper
Uses Workflow(s)

Project Description

Schedule + Weekly Deliverables

All deliverables will be due by Monday night at midnight.

Week 1 - due June 30
Model any of the following Kayaks excluding the first one.
Each group will collect information/research on their chosen building:
  • Scan/trace plans and sections, and import them at scale into Rhino
Week 2 - due July 7
Each group will work together using the scanned plans and sections of their chosen case study to build a 3D model in Rhino
  • A 3d model of the building.
Week 3 - due July 14
After deciding on a design parti, group members will attempt to modify some portion of the building massing.
  • Using the model created in week 2, create a grasshopper script that approximates or changes part of the building massing.
Week 4 - due July 21
  • Using lists, create an attractor point script that allows for the manipulation of some portion of the building facade system.
Week 5 - due July 28
  • Combining the massing script from week 3 with the facade script from week 4, link the two so that the change in massing affects the change in facade.
Week 6 - due August 4
Week 7 - Final Presentation - due August 13

Case Study Buildings

  • Anything by Foster + Partners
  • Any ICD/ITKE Pavilion
    • note: if your group decides on a pavilion, you will be expected to produce a more sophisticated grasshopper definition.
  • Almost anything by SOM
    • note: if your group decides on an SOM building, please see me after the end of the first class so that I can approve it.
  • If you are having a difficult time selecting a case study, I can help assign one

Ultimately, you will want your choice to be well enough documented that you can find relevant modeling information.