Texture Mapping the de Young

Screenshot 0005.jpg
This exercise will focus on creating customized materials in VRay to replicate the perforated facade of the de Young Museum.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Understand how to create a material from scratch
  • Edit the scale of textures to replicate realistic renders
  • Duplicate and edit important material settings
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Rendering environment is well described (light conditions and perspective) and material settings precisely attributed to reflect the rusting and perforated nature of the exterior facade.
Rendering is difficult to see (bad view or bad lighting settings), material is incorrectly scaled.
Low Pass
Rendering is difficult to see, material lacks transparent elements.
no material properties are attributed.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:VRay , Tool:Rhino v4.x
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:545199

Using the provided model, create a rendering of the perforated facade by creating a new screen material that replicates the same qualities as the de Young. The screen pattern can be abstracted and simplified by repeating the same perforated pattern throughout the facade, however the scale of the perforations should be similar to the actual building.

Use the saved view for the final render, emphasizing the view of the Tower.

Camera Settings for all renderings should be appropriate so that the rendered elements of the model are not burned out (too bright) or lack contrast (too dark).

The final should be rendered at the 800x600 pixel size and placed on the template document created earlier in the semester.

Document will be turned in as a PDF by the following Monday at 2pm.

Extra Credit: Bump Mapping Create an additional render (same output size) that zooms in on a wall detail that shows 3d texture of the surface by adding the following to the material settings as a bump and displacement map:
Bump map de Young.jpg


De Young Model
A 3dm model of the De Young Museum to be used as a base for this exercise.