Create a 2d Drawing with Multiple Levels of Detail

Screenshot House Section - Completed.jpg
This exercise will have students create an organized 2d drawing in AutoCAD displaying information and annotations at various levels of detail. This will be used as a learning tool for conveying design intent and clarity.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Using AutoCAD to create legible and clear drawings at various scales
  • Importing AutoCAD drawings into Illustrator for post-processing
Exercise Type
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
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Low Pass
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Uses Tool(s) Tool:AutoCAD 2012 , Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:353478

Exercise Week 7

This exercise pulls from the tools and techniques described in the associated Workflow. The exercise will be two fold. You will be creating an organized layout in AutoCAD with two scaled viewports that you will then plot to PDF. The second part will taking one of those viewports into Illustrator for post-processing.

Part I: Using an existing AutoCAD drawing with multiple levels of detail, create an organized Layout in paperspace that displays two viewports:

  • One showing the full wall section at 1/4"= 1'
  • One showing the section detail at 3"= 1'

Add general annotative dimensions to the building section, locating the major elements in section/elevation from the ground all the way to the roof.

Then add annotative text labels to some of the first floor spaces in the section, i.e. "LIVING ROOM" and "PORCH" and a few annotative notes with leaders in the detailed section, i.e. "WOOD LOUVER", "1/2" GLAZED WINDOW", and "STEEL SUPPORT CABLE". Be sure that the annotative text displays at the appropriate scale in both Layouts (text should be set at around 1/8" in paperspace).

Decide the appropriate layers that should be displayed at 1/4" scale versus 3" scale. Once you have done this, plot this drawing with both Layouts to PDF.

The completed file should look something like this: House Section - Viewports.jpg

Part II: Import the 1/4"= 1' wall section Layout from AutoCAD into Illustrator, clean up the line weights, and add a sky texture to the background.

The completed file should look something like this: House Section - Completed.jpg