Drawing Set of a Simple Massing Form

Screenshot Week2-32a.png
This exercise practices generating drawings from a 3d massing model. Four critical steps are reinforced within Rhino and Illustrator. They are sectioning, making 2d, exporting line work, and adjusting line work. The practice of layer organization is strongly emphasized.
Assessment objectives
  • Cutting a section
  • Making 2d
  • Organizing layers for postprocessing
  • Exporting line work
  • Adjusting line work (line weights and line types)
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Final drawings exhibit layer organization, line weight adjustments, line type assignments, clear sections, spatially descriptive elevational treatment, and annotations (including construction lines). All drawings are orthogonally aligned and descriptively clear.
Final drawings exhibit layer organization, clear sections, and annotations (including construction lines). All drawings are orthogonally aligned.
Low Pass
Final drawings exhibit clear sections and annotations. All drawings are orthogonally aligned.
Final drawings are illegible. There has been no attempt at layer organization.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:15427

This exercise is intended to help students generate drawings from their "Double Negative" digital models. All final drawings should exhibit an understanding of line weights, line types, section cuts, orthogonal relationships between section and elevation, and representing three-dimensional space within the confines of two-dimensional drawings.

Using your digital "Double Negative" model, produce a composition within Illustrator consisting of a drawing of a section and a drawing of an elevation.

It is important to follow this weeks workflow carefully. Extracting Line Work from a 3D Massing Model . AND MAKE SURE TO CREATE NEW LAYERS AS NEEDED AND ORGANIZE THEM FOR EFFICIENCY.

The artboard dimensions of the final drawings should be 8.5" x 11". Final submissions are to be saved as an Illustrator (.ai) file.