Workflow Help

Workflows are compact, step-by-step descriptions of how to complete a well-defined task. They may straddle multiple process contexts (such as moving from digital processes to analog ones) and may employ multiple tools .

Creating a New Workflow

To create a Workflow, scroll to the bottom of the Workflow page and click on Create a Workflow .

Semantic Structure

Each Workflow page has the following semantic properties:

Problem Statement
This is the name or title of the Workflow. Describe the Workflow using verbs, the tools used, the actions taken, and the outcome. It should be short and succinct. A good example of a Problem Statement is Creating Composite Materials Using Image-Maps in Vray .
A few sentences describing the specific processes that will be employed to achieve the aims of the Problem Statement. Outline the particular approach taken by this Workflow.
Uses Tool(s)
A comma-separated list of tools that are employed within this workflow. This list must be formatted as Studiomaven page-names . The autocomplete feature ought to be useful here.
An illustrative image for the Workflow, typically a screenshot of the Workflow in progress or the final image that will be produced. Click on Upload file to add an image. Appears in search results and lists of Workflows available on this site.

Free-Text Structure

Each Workflow page should more-or-less adhere to follow the following structure.

Each step required for the workflow. Start with a level 2 heading called "Steps". Under that heading, each step should be a level 3 heading. (See Header Hierarchy for more information.) Name each step appropriately and descriptively so that it can be easily accessed from the Contents. Use title case.
If a step has an associated Rhino file or texture file, link to it below the instructions for each step . Structured as a Definition List .
Common Problems
What problems and mistakes are commonly encountered when employing this Workflow in 'the field'? Structured as a level 2 heading called "Common Problems".
Links to external resources, files stored on the Studiomaven Dropbox , and any reference material that was used in the creation of the Workflow. Structured as a level 2 heading called "Resources". List each resource in a Definition List .