Week 12

Arch 100a 2012 Fall

Course Arch 100a
Date 2012/11/16
Learning Objectives Review of certain topics from past weeks including drawing site context, render channels and working in Photoshop. Majority of class will consist of work where GSIs will walk around providing individual assistance.
  • Last Week Recap
  • Short Review
    • Drawing with Context
    • Rendering with Channels
  • Work time / Desk crits
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Illustrator CS5 , Photoshop CS5

Last Week Recap

Adding library details - Books
Model the Books. Simply make a rectangular solid and repeat the object over the span of a bookcase. Keep the material settings to a basic color (white). Group them so that they are easier to move around in a cluster. Also keep them allocated to a separate layer so that they can easily be turned on and off.
Photoshop the Books. Find a basic image of books to place on the bookshelf. Note, the shelves will probably be a bit more sparse as this takes more time. When transforming the image, hold down on the control key to warp the image into the necessary perspective.


Drawing with Context


  • Neighboring buildings
  • Streets / sidewalks
  • People, cars, trees to emphasize scale / context

Check out the following links on the studiomaven site for examples:


Rendering with Channels

RGB Channel
This is the typical render we use for the final image.
Alpha Channel
Defines what is is an object in the scene versus the background. This channel may not be that helpful when already rendering with a transparent background.
Render a flat color for every object in the scene. Helpful for selecting objects later in Photoshop using the magic wand tool.

Troubleshooting Blotchy Renders

Generally a blotchy render means that there is not enough light in the scene. You could add more rectangular lights or increase the intensity of the existing lights through the multiplier.

Another way to correct this is to change the min and max rates of the irradiance map and the HSph. Increasing these numbers will make for a clearer render, but will also slow down your render. Try three settings to understand the difference:

Min rate= -8 Max rate= -7

Min rate= -3 Max rate= 0

Min rate=0 Max rate=3

Work time

  • Students must be checked in during lecture as well as present for desk crit during the D-Lab time on the 6th or 7th floor studio space.
  • GSIs will walk around answering questions in regards to topics we have covered or anything technical issues students may be having. Consider what comments you received during the mid-review and what you would like to accomplish for the final review.