Week 8

Arch 100b 2012 Spring

Course Arch 100b
Date 2012/03/09
Learning Objectives This workshop will focus on using digital models to create 3d drawings such as axonometric, isometric, perspective drawings. Camera orientation, drawing clean-up and attributing proper lineweights will be covered. The later part of lecture will cover some stylistic effects using simple rendering tools and Illustrator options for creating elegant diagrams and presentations.
  • Lecture¬†: 3-dimensional Drawings
  • Parallel Drawings
    • Axonometric
    • Plan Oblique
    • Isometric
  • Perspective Drawings
    • Section Perspective
    • 1 pt Perspective
    • 2 pt Perspective
  • Creating a Camera View
    • Editing views, saving views, exporting
  • Drawing Clean-up + Lineweights
  • Presentation Effects + Techniques
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Illustrator CS5
Lecture 8
3d Paraline Drawings

Workflow 8
Creating an Exploded Axonometric Drawing using Rhino3d and Illustrator.
Exercise 8
Axonometric Explosion.