Week 7

Arch 100b 2012 Spring

Course Arch 100b
Date 2012/03/01
Learning Objectives In this workshop we will introduce the process of cutting a section of a three dimensional model to produce plan and section drawings. Students will learn how to work with 2D output from that process and determine the correct amount of detail to include in a complete drawing.
  • Section commands
  • Make 2D process
  • Layer Organization
  • Cleaning up Drawings
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros

Lecture 7: 3d Modeling to 2D Drafting

How do I cut a section? How do I show the elevation beyond? How do I capture shadows that reflect my drawing?

Commands Covered: CPlane, Cut Plane, Make2D, Set View, Section, Split, Named Views, Layer Management, SelVisible, SelAll

Workflow 7
How to create a clean drawing from a 3D Model in Rhino.
Exercise 7
How to create a clean plan drawing from a 3D Model in Rhino.