This digital lab provides an overview of select digital tools used for representing contemporary design. The lab will focus on the necessary techniques and applications of these tools in order to advance the development of individual studio projects. Emphasis will be placed on using the Adobe CS5 Suite and Rhino 4 as instruments for both the exploration of the studio's design ideas and the communication of those ideas to others. Each 4 hour session will consist of the following:


Digital Workflow ~ 60 minutes
A brief overview of representational skills developed and explored by previous architects will situate each lecture that will end in a workflow that exhibits a range of specific skills and tools.
Lab Assignment + Review ~ 60 minutes
Working from the in-class example, students will begin working on the weekly assignment. This time will also be used to help students on an individual basis with their understanding of the workflow.


Week 1 - Introduction + Photoshop Basics 1 • Layer management
Week 2 - Photoshop Basics 2 • Light Adjustment
Week 3 - Illustrator Basics • Composition
Week 4 - Rhino 2d Basics • Illustrator
Week 5 - Rhino 2d Basics 2 • Illustrator
Week 6 - 3D Modeling from 2D Drawings in Rhino
Week 7 - Creating Drawings from a 3D Model in Rhino
Week 8 - Composing an Axonometric Drawing with Rhino 5, Photoshop & Illustrator