Week 3

Arch 11b 2012 Summer

Course Arch 11b
Date 2012/07/02
Learning Objectives The week we will explore basic aspects of Illustrator. We will use the Photoshop image from the last two weeks as the basis for generating a descriptive diagram. Page layout will be emphasized.
  • Rulers
  • Alignment
  • Drawing
  • Text
  • Layer Management
Uses Tool(s) Illustrator CS5

Workflow 3 - Illustrator Basics: Precise Page Layout + Composition
This workflow teaches Illustrator as a vector based tool for efficient layout composition, digital drawing, and photo layering effects. Rulers, alignment tools, text editing, drawing, and layer management are emphasized. Students will learn an efficient process in composing a diagram that visually describes the constituent elements that compose a single image. The tools used within this workflow can be used throughout the design process; from concept development through presentation boards.
Exercise 3 - Illustrator Basics
This exercise will focus on page layout and line weights through the use of guides, alignment tools, and stroke adjustments.