Week 7

Arch 11b 2012 Summer

Course Arch 11b
Date 2012/07/30
Learning Objectives This week we will cover how to cut sections and plans from a 3D model in Rhino. We will subsequently review how to clean up drawings in Rhino including the creation of layers for resultant lineweight adjustments in Illustrator.
  • Cutting a section
  • Cutting a plan
  • Aligning drawings
  • Managing lineweights and line types in Rhino
  • Exporting and finishing in Illustrator
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Illustrator CS5

This week we will be using the following files throughout the workflow:

Week 7.1a

Week 7.1b

Week 7.2

Exercise 7 requires one plan and one section that is generated from your 3D model in Rhino. Details are included on the Exercise 7 page. SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 1159 PM, SUNDAY AUGUST 4th.

Workflow 7 - Creating Drawings from a 3D Model in Rhino
This workflow details methods for the creation of a section and plan drawing from a 3D model in Rhino and the process for editing the output for efficient lineweight and line type adjustments in Illustrator.
Exercise 7 - Efficiently Drawing a Section & Plan using Rhino & Illustrator
Students will use a Rhino 3D to 2D workflow in generating one plan and one section of their own 3D models. Layer organization is emphasized in determining the success of each submission.