Week 7 - Final Presentation Layout + Introduction to AutoCAD

Arch 123 2012 Summer

Course Arch 123
Date 2012/07/30
Learning Objectives Working with the final set of drawings, this class will focus on preparing a group of working drawings for presentation. AutoCAD will be introduced and overview, noting the differences of working in this CAD program versus Rhino. We will produce layouts in AutoCAD and export to Illustrator.
  • Pin-Up: 3d Drawings
  • Final Assignment
  • Introduction to AutoCAD
    • Toolbars, Layout, View
    • Basic Commands
    • Exporting / Importing Linework
    • Creating Layouts + Setting up Plot Standards
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Illustrator CS5

Pin-Up: 3d Drawings

Students must bring printed copies of their 3d views (axonometric or perspective) and present the to the class. How do these drawings help explain their Re-Design? What styles or notations assist with the design concept?

Final Review: Preparation + Requirements

Overview of Final Review of Project 02 guidelines and requirements. Last opportunity for questions!

- Final Review: WEDNESDAY August 8th, 9-12:30 pm. There will be a small committee of professors coming in to see the work - so please do not be late!
- Drawings must be pinned up by 9:15 am. PLEASE PRINT THE DAY BEFORE!
- Each group from Project 01 will present their Case Study drawings and then individually present their re-design concept + drawings.
- Required drawings: these can be plotted on individual sheets of paper, or together as one giant "board" layout

  • Original "tracings" of Case Study building, including plans + section, printed at 1' = 1/16"
  • Re-Design Plans, 1'=1/16"
  • Re-Design Section, 1'=1/8"
  • Re-Design Axonometric or Perspective drawing, printed 17" x 22" or larger

Board Layout + Styles

Introduction to AutoCAD

Autocad is available for any student to download for free at their website . In the workflow, we will show how to remove the "Autodesk Education" stamp on the drawings.

  • What is AutoCAD and why do we use it?
    • Differences between AutoCAD + Rhino
  • Toolbars, Layout, View
    • Drafting and Annotation, 3d Basics, 3d Modeling, Autocad Classic
  • Basic Commands
    • Polyline, Spline, Trim, Extend, Scale
  • Image Reference
    • Use the command Image which works similarly to "PictureFrame" in Rhino. The image is now an object that has the same properties as other linework (layer, scale, etc).
  • Exporting / Importing Linework
    • To bring a drawing into Autocad from Rhino, use the Export command and save as a .dwg file.
    • To bring a drawing into Rhino from Autocad, make sure the file is saved as a 2007 .dwg or older. Then use the "Open As..." option to open the file in Rhino.
  • Creating Layouts
    • Working between paper-space and model-space.
    • Placing viewports in the paper-space with drawings at scale.
  • Plot Standards
    • Changing layers to plot at a specific weight and color.

Workflow: Creating a Layout in Autocad
Exercise: Export + Plot in AutoCAD
Practice creating your own layout using your Re-Design drawings, or practice using the attached Barcelona plan drawing below. It is a Rhino file, so the first step will involve opening and exporting the linework to a .dwg file. Email the final PDF, with educational stamp removed, to madelinehartzell@gmail.com by the end of class.

Barcelona Pavillion


  • Autodesk Exchange is the Help forum for the program. This includes a User guide which covers lots of the basic commands and tools.
  • The Autocad Wiki , a wiki just like this website, where users have submitted videos and common tips and tricks of the program.
  • My Cad Site has written tutorials over-viewing the basics of AutoCAD