Export + Plot in AutoCAD

Screenshot Barcelona Pavillion Layout1 (1).jpg
This exercise tests the ability to export linework to Autocad and prepare the drawing in paper-space by creating a page layout with scaled views and pen assignments. The final drawing should then be plotted to PDF with minimal need for touch-ups in any additional program.
Assessment objectives
  • Working between different CAD programs such as Rhino and AutoCAD
  • Understanding of paper-space and model-space
  • Ability to create viewports at a specific scale and attribute lineweights to layers
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Drawing is correctly placed at scale and all the layers have been converted to the correct color and lineweight. Labels have been added in paper space to identity the drawing and scale.
Drawing is plotted but missing labels, no sense of proper scale.
Low Pass
Drawing is plotted but the layer colors have not been changed and there is not sense of scale.
Unable to plot in AutoCAD.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:AutoCAD 2012
Uses Workflow(s) Tool:Part 633190

Working from your own drawings in Rhino or the example below (Barcelona Pavillion), export the linework to AutoCAD to create a layout of the drawing on an 11" x 17". Place the drawing at a scale that fits the paper. You may include additional views if you would like. Add labels to each viewport that identify the drawing type and scale. Edit the Plot Styles so that the layers are converted to a specific color and lineweight when plotting.

Barcelona Pavillion