Introductory Workshop B

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/09/03
Learning Objectives In this truncated workshop session, students will be introduced to two ways to create digital representations of 3-dimensional complex physical forms cast in plaster. After this workshop, students will be expected to be able to construct and manipulate three-dimensional forms with precision.
  • 200a Meets
  • Workshop
    • Essential Operations in Rhino
    • Overview of Two Form-Mapping Methods
    • Detailed Discussion of Two Form-Mapping Methods (split session)
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros

This session will be led by Kyle Steinfeld.

Introductory Workshop b

This split session will be led by Kirsten Larson and Rudy Letsche.

Loft Production Workflow

Loft Mapping Method

Triangulation Production Workflow

Triangulation Mapping Method