Week 2 - Double Negative 2

Arch 100a 2012 Fall

Course Arch 100a
Date 2012/09/07
Learning Objectives This class will continue on the tools learned in the last section with emphasis on extracting linework from previously built digital models. Students will create plans and sections in Rhino and learn to export these drawings to Illustrator. Digital lineweights and standards will be reviewed along with the basic tools in Illustrator.
  • Exercise 01 Review
  • Exercise 01 Review
    • Software Requirement
  • Drawing Extraction¬†: Make2d
  • Exporting Linework
  • Illustrator Review
  • Workflow: Extracting LineWork from a 3D Massing Model
  • Exercise¬†: Drawing Set of a Simple Massing Form
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Illustrator CS5

Exercise 01 Review

Looking for additional online help with Rhino? Check out the 200c page here: Workshop 1d

Drawing Extraction

  • Cutplane
  • Section
  • Make2d
    • Turning the linework into a drawing
  • Organizing Layers
    • Section, Elevation, Line Weights, Line Types, Fills, Annotations, Construction Lines

Exporting Linework

  • Scale
  • File Format

Illustrator Review

  • Page Set-up
    • Artboard
  • Stroke / Lineweights
    • Color
    • Dashed Lines
  • Fill
    • Color
    • Tones
  • Guides
  • Text


Workflow: Extracting LineWork from a 3D Massing Model

This week's workflow will showcase the steps necessary to create a drawing set of a simple massing form, similar to the Double Negative project. Using an existing digital model, set-up the views to create elevation and section drawings for Make2d. Edit the drawings as necessary and export the work to Illustrator for final presentation.


Exercise : Drawing Set of a Simple Massing Form

This file should be printed out at 8.5" x 11" and turned into the manilla folder outside the GSI office on the 2nd floor. Your name and your GSI's name should be located on the lower right hand corner of this print out.

All final submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, September 27th in a bin on the 6th + 7th floor elevator lobby (right outside of studio).