Week 10 - The Diagram

Arch 100a 2013 Fall

Course Arch 100a
Date 2013/11/01
Learning Objectives This week we will have a lecture on diagramming and then cover a few workflows that can be used towards many different products. During individual sections we will review your pinned up drawings.
  • Discussion of diagrams
  • Assorted workflows
    • Precise placement of a rendered model in a site photo
    • Creating models with triangulation
    • Combining Vray outputs with Rhino generated linework
Uses Tool(s)

Download the slideshow here

Assorted work flows

For D lab this week we will cover a variety of useful tools and techniques. These may be useful for diagramming but not necessarily.

In individual sections we will be reviewing your drawings so make sure to bring something to pin-up.

Precise Exterior Renders

This workflow covers precise placement of a rendered 3D Rhino model into an existing site photograph.

Fabricating with Triangulation

Many students have asked how to create models with this method . We will go over the steps necessary to create a faceted model from multiple pieces of triangulated material.

Section Perspectives

This workflow covers combining linework from make2D with rendering elements from Vray. While the workflow shows a render which shows material properties, we will go over exporting just shadows from Vray to overlay with linework for a more nuanced effect.

Creating Diagrams

This workflow covers additional techniques for overlaying Vray elements with Rhino linework. Though the title of the workflow suggests a limited scope - these techniques can be used for many products.