Week 2 - Advanced Rhino Modelling

124b 2014 Summer

Course 124b
Date 2014/07/02
Learning Objectives Continuing from last week's class, we will move on to more advanced 3D modeling in Rhino, looking at various approaches that can be taken when creating building form.
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros , Grasshopper

Lecture: Advanced 3d modeling in Rhino

Creating a 3D Rhino model from plans and elevations
We will be using the St Marys Cathedral in San Francisco as a model rather than the Villa Savoye. The base rig can be found here .
Reference images on which this rig were built can be found here .


Using a rig built from the collected case study plans and sections, as a group:
  • Create a detailed model of the building using Rhino
Please submit the final Rhino file (.3dm, Rhino5 or earlier) to dropbox by next Monday at midnight.